The Edinburgh Inquirer pitching guide

We are looking to commission stories from talented writers and reporters who are based in Edinburgh, the Lothians and Fife or have a particular interest in or special knowledge of some aspect of city life. We are interested in hearing from you whether you are in the first year of your journalism career or the fiftyfirst, the quality of your writing and insight is more important to us than a long track record with established titles. Please read this guide before pitching to us, all the contact details are at the bottom.

What kinds of writing do we publish?

We are interested in exclusive news stories - what journalist, isn’t? - but we are most interested in in-depth features that tell us something unexpected about Edinburgh life or offer a deeper understanding of what makes the city tick. That might be an interview with a well-known city personality that shows a side to them that is not so well known or with a compelling individual or with a group of local activists that our readers are not likely to know but are making an impact in a new and interesting way. Or it might be an indepth look into data that sheds new light on a hotly contested issue such as the future of the region’s transport.  

Great writing and research

We aren’t interested in the quickfire of breaking news and unsatisfying, redrafted press releases. We are interested in and value well-crafted writing. A beautiful turn of phrase or a delicious detail observed by the author makes our hearts sing and is appreciated by our readers. We also look for good research - think data that supports your points and interviews with university researchers or authors with established expertise in their subject. The best Inquirer pieces have at least one of these qualities in abundance and often combine the two. Our articles embrace complexity, rather than over-simplify, and give a subject room to breathe. 

The human dimension often gets lost in the news agenda, so we are particularly keen on writing that homes in on people, their experiences and the impact that new trends or major decisions are having on their lives. 

Subjects we are interested in   

We publish stories about Edinburgh and the surrounding region, encompassing East Lothian, Midlothian, West Lothian and Fife. That doesn’t mean we are parochial in our outlook, in fact, far from it. The subject matter must be relevant to our readers and their lives in south-east Scotland, but is far more likely to work for us if you can imagine it appearing in a national or international publication such as the Economist or New York Times, rather than ‘typical local paper fodder’.   

Our readers have a wide range of interests including politics, business, the environment, culture, history and food and drink. They like to be surprised and challenged, so pieces that home in on little-known or commonly misunderstood aspects of city life are particularly welcome. That also means that no subject is out of bounds if it is likely to fascinate our readers and has a relevance to the city. 

Formats and fees

Most of the articles that we publish are between 800 and 1,500 words in length, but they are sometimes much longer where the writing or subject matter demands it. We will agree a fee with you in advance to reflect what is involved in the particular commission.  

How to pitch

Your pitch doesn’t have to be long - a few sentences will do - but please make sure you include the following:

  • Your idea and how you intend to write about it (eg. the specific angle you intend to take) 

  • Why it is relevant to our readers in Edinburgh

  • Details of any images you intend to supply along with your article

  • Links to some examples of your writing (published articles or blogs), especially if you haven’t pitched to our team before.

Email us at and please give us a few days to get back to you as most pitches will be discussed at our weekly editorial meetings before commissioning. 

Thanks very much for your interest in pitching to the Inquirer.